On the following page we would like to provide you with more detailed information on our Cape Town Helicopter Tours in South Africa. A very important point you should keep in mind is that all our flight tours are subject to change or be delayed due to weather conditions. Nobody would enjoy Table Mountain covered in fog or a bumpy helicopter flight crossing the Atlantic Coast in stormy weather! Forest fires as well as no-fly areas can lead to changes in our flight routes.

Information – Scenic Helicopter Flights in Cape Town – South Africa

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Departure from the airport and weather

Please phone us one day prior to departure in order to confirm weather conditions as well flight times with us. Your arrival at the airport 30 to 60 minutes before your flight is essential. Upon arrival you will be briefed on all necessary safety instructions and be handed a lifejacket. Your late arrival at the airport can result in the cancellation or postponement of your flight. We will, however, try our best to uphold your booking.

A few instructions to follow:
- Please let us know your body weight in advance in order for us to establish load capacity on board
- Cell phones as well as radiophones need to be switched off at all times during the flight as they can interfere with our radio contact
- Video and photo cameras are allowed on board!
- Please note that video and photo cameras cannot be attached to the helicopter
- People with pacemakers, heart problems or other health risks should consult with their doctor prior to booking
- Please remember to bring a jacket or a warm sweater along as temperatures can drop around 2°C per 1.000m flight altitude
-The flight altitude varies between 260 and 900m causing temperatures to drop up to 5°C
- Long scarfs, big hats, big coats as well as flowy long clothes are not suitable for a helicopter flight
-It is highly recommended to wear sport goggles during "The Huey Flight” as we will be flying with doors open!
-We are not permitted to fly over the Table Mountain National Park as it is a nature reserve and animals in this protected area could be disturbed!
- Should you wish to land on Robben Island please note that take-off and landing charges are very high!
- Should you require helicopter transport to and from Cape Town International Airport we will require a minimum of one day for the organisation and processing of take-off and landing permissions
Our safety requirements at a glance:
- Dangerous goods of all classifications are not allowed to be carried on board
- Flammable and combustible liquids are not allowed in your luggage
- Only a limited amount/weight of luggage is permitted on board
- Film Crews are required to provide us with the weight of their equipment in advance
- All passengers are asked to provide us with their body weight in advance
- Passengers under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed on board and kindly asked to leave the airport premises
- Smoking in and around the helicopter or in the airport terminal is not permitted
Our safety instructions comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization and are aimed at ensuring your safety.
For questions or more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Your Cape Town Helicopter Team


For more details and information please do not hesitate to write us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

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